Friday, October 04, 2002
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Holy Moses! Gigantic Gilbert Is Totally Doomed Issue!
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The Mandisa Chronicles

In this adventure, I describe the weekend my sister Kelly and her boyfriend Morris joined me for a sail. I had unfortunately badly injured my back the week before, but liberal doses of medication, both prescription and non-prescription (Corona's, mostly) got me through it.

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2002/08/17Wherein Mandisa is joyously sailed about San Diego Bay with Kelly, Morris and a painfully injured yours truly.
2002/08/17, Kelly and Morris Arrive
Click to see a full-sized viewAvid readers of this Chronicle will instantly recognize my dear sister Kelly, Adventurer and Intrepid Sailor in her own right. Kelly came to visit me for a week and brought along her new and most excellent Significant One, Morris. I had badly injured my back the week before and was confined to bed for several days, and there was some worry that I would be unable to manage a trip to the boat, not to mention actually sailing it, but after taking several Vicadin tablets, I managed to convince myself that all was well and that the feat could be accomplished.

2002/08/18, Kelly and Morris Spend a Day Screwing Around While I Suffer
Click to see a full-sized viewWe had intended to set out immediately, but a doctor's appointment for me on Monday held us up, so Kelly and Morris head out to the Grand Canyon on a day trip. I was thus forced to spend the weekend in the hell-hole that is Gilbert in the summer. We finally got underway on Monday afternoon, and arrived at the boat late Monday night. I think. I was pretty foggy, so events and their sequence may be a bit off here. What difference does it make, anyway? You want fair and accurate, go to Fox News.

2002/08/18, Mm-mmm! Dead Cattle Parts, Coming Up!
Click to see a full-sized viewNaturally we had to stop at the In and Out Burger drive through, where we each purchased a tasty and nutritious meal of deep-fat-fried tubers and broiled bovine flesh garnished with dead plants and sauces of various kinds. Yum yum!

2002/08/19, The First Morning Dawns
Click to see a full-sized viewEvery day is a beautiful day in San Diego. I don't know why that is, it just is. The temperature is perfect, the breeze always blows and even when it's overcast it just doesn't suck at all. Here's Mandisa's home, Chula Vista Marina, located all the way at the asshole-end of San Diego Bay. It's actually a fantastic Marina with a great staff, clean, relatively new facilities and two restaurants right there on the water. Of course, the discerning conniseur will choose to head into downtown Chula Vista to satisfy his finer needs, but The Galley and Bob's do just fine for us.

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