Sunday, October 20, 2002
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Construction Journal

This page details the long odyssey that is my construction of theAcorn Tender, an Iain Oughtred-designed 8 foot lap-strake dinghy. This page shows the very last entry I've made in the journal, but if you. want to view them sequentially, just hit 'Go To First Journal Page', or you can go to the bottom of this page and pick from a list of entries. Enjoy!

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10/20/02 - And Shaping!
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La voila! A really nice closet pole! Only this one's kind of chunky and would probably not do a very good job as a closet pole. It's my fervent wish that it works better as a mast than a closet pole anyway. Look at all the shavings! One of the things they never tell you about wood working is that you spend more time cleaning up the mess you make than you do making the mess. Unless, of course, you go all out and by a Sawdust Vacuuming System, as one of my friends did. He actually works in his third bedroom, it's so clean. The wimp.

Construction Journal Entries by Date

Date of EntrySubject
4/8/01 The Decision
4/9/01 Choosing the boat
4/10/01 Kevin Springs into Action
4/11/01 A Slow News Day
4/12/01 Work Bench Genesis
4/13/01 The Plans Arrive
4/13/01 The Plans Arrive
4/14/01 Building Frame
4/15/01 The Complete Frame
4/16/01 Marking Lines
4/17/01 Moulds partway done
4/19/01 Mounting the Moulds
4/19/01 Mounting the Moulds
4/19/01 Mounting the Moulds
4/25/01 The Transom Brace
4/26/01 Fitting the Transom Boards
5/9/01 Okay, the stem
5/16/01 A Laminated Stem
5/21/01 The Transom
5/27/01 A Leap of Faith
5/27/01 A Leap of Faith Continued
7/2/01 I'm Back!
7/4/01 Happy Birthday!
7/7/01 Making Patterns
7/4/01 Pattern in Place
10/28/01 Placing the garboard strake
10/29/01 Placing the second garboard strake
11/02/01 Cutting the rebate
11/02/01 Making clamps
11/03/01 Placing the next plank
11/04/01 Plank, plank, plank
11/09/01 If you half-squint your eyes...
11/19/01 Taking Shape
11/19/01 So Many Clamps
11/20/01 Every Morning is Christmas Morning
11/21/01 The Okoume Death March Continues
12/02/01 The Final Plank Part 1
12/02/01 The Final Plank Part 2
12/02/01 The Final Plank Part 3
12/02/01 The Final Plank Part Four
12/02/01 The Final Plank Part Five
12/02/01 The Final Plank Part Six
12/18/01 Fairing the Bow
12/22/01 Shaping the Outer Stem
12/22/01 Plugs, Plugs, Plugs
12/23/01 Wood for the Keel
12/27/01 Attaching the Outer Stem, Part I
12/27/01 Attaching the Outer Stem, Part II
12/27/01 Attaching the Outer Stem, Part III
12/28/01 Contemplating the Keel
12/28/01 Contemplating the Keel, Part II
12/29/01 First Gunwale, Part I
12/29/01 Second Gunwale, Part I
1/20/02 Second Gunwale, Part II
2/3/02 Keel, Part I
2/3/02 Keel, Part II
2/10/02 The Skeg
2/11/02 Shaping the Keel
2/11/02 The Bilge Runners
2/11/02 Prep for Varnishing
2/13/02 It's a Boat!
2/18/02 Aaargh!
2/18/02 The Payoff
2/18/02 Updating the Web Site
2/18/02 Okay, Here's Maggie
2/18/02 Another View
3/16/02 Inwales
3/16/02 Breasthook
3/16/02 Centerboard Slot
3/16/02 Painting the Hull
3/16/02 The Pretty Sheerstrake
3/21/02 Painting Complete
3/23/02 Laminating the First Floor
3/23/02 The Deluxe Floor-Gluing Jig
3/23/02 The First Floor in Place
3/27/02 Floors Complete
4/30/02 Gluing the Fancy Inwale
4/30/02 Inwale Complete
5/22/02 Centerboard Case
5/22/02 Transom Knees
5/22/02 Transom Knees II
10/2/02 Turning Spars
10/2/02 More on Spars
10/2/02 Boom and Yard Complete
10/16/02 Pondering the Mast
10/16/02 The Victims
10/16/02 Let The Inquisition Begin!
10/16/02 Safety First, by Golly
10/20/02 All Glued Up
10/20/02 Marking the Taper
10/20/02 Draw the Taper
10/20/02 A Recompense of Sorts
10/20/02 Cutting the Taper
10/20/02 Marking the Shape
10/20/02 The Corners, Marked
10/20/02 Cut, Cut, Cut
10/20/02 The Octagon
10/20/02 Shaping...
10/20/02 And Shaping...
10/20/02 ...And Shaping...
10/20/02 And Shaping!

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